Our menu has been crafted with care for you.

Take a look into our diverse menu filled with mouthwatering dishes. A trip through the Romanian cuisine reveals strong influences such as Turkish, Hungarian, Germanic and Slavic. Romanian food is a near-perfect creation inspired by healthy and savoury ingredients. The results are some amazing dishes with a familiar homemade touch in which quality is the key ingredient. Fresh cut meats such as pork, beef, chicken and lamb are paired together with carefully selected vegetables, resulting in the marvellous tasty treats you fell in love with.

And the sweets, oh the sweets … they're just a sublime culinary goodness.

Starters & Soups

Tasty treats to get you started.


Roasted eggplant salad

Tasty spread of eggplant roast, perfect on a crusty toast.

Roe salad

Fluffy as a summer cloud, our chef is so darn proud.

Homemade chicken liver paté

Smooth and creamy pink from our lovely chick.

Mashed beans with onion

The true Romanian temptation for each and every generation.

Homemade Boeuf salad

Healthy veggies all in one, perfect just for everyone.


Tripe soup

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Beef soup

Bits and pieces packed with flavour, all for you to eat and savour.

Romanian Meatballs soup

Even if it's a bit small, please enjoy a tasty meatball.

Chicken soup with homemade noodles

As our grandma used to say: "Eat this and you'll grow each day".

Radauti soup

Have you seen a soup so white? Surely it's a great delight.

Pork sour soup

This the meat is so tender and the taste you'll soon remember.

Bean soup with smoked meat pork

Don't know what to pick? Always trust our smoked pig.

Vegetable soup

Just another perfect choice, taste it and you'll soon rejoice.


Perfect selection of the yummiest Romanian favourites.

Cold platters

Suitable for 4

Roasted eggplant salad, homemade chicken paté, mashed beans with onion, fresh Carp roe salad, Romanian cheese, salami, bacon, olives, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, radishes.

Warm platters

Suitable for 4

Minced meat rolls and sausages, pork neck, chicken breast, wedges, assorted pickles (red pepper, cucumber, cabbage).

Traditional dishes

The true heart and soul of the Romanian cuisine.

Roasted Duck on cabbage and a side of polenta

This is our tasty duck. Eat it and you'll have good luck.

Moldavian stew with a side of polenta

Rich with flavour and tradition, here's to your newest addiction.

Stuffed cabbage rolls with a side of polenta

These will never do wrong, you can eat them all yearlong.

Romanian bean casserole with pork shank off the bone

Heaven tastes like pork and beans, this is just like in your dreams.

Goulash and polenta

If you're in the mood to party, this will surely make you happy.

Grandma’s chicken

It's a perfect suppertime when we eat chicken sublime.

White sauce chicken and mushroom stew with a side of polenta

Silky cream and tasty bites, perfect for your appetites.


Our top pick from all the meat, when you eat you'll feel complete.

Pork schnitzel

This is just a tasty treat for all those that love good meat.

Pork roulade

What goes around, comes around. The tasty version.

Pork chop with apple sauce

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Pork neck

Juicy meat is all you want, only in this restaurant.

Roasted pork tenderloin

Roasted goodies are what you crave and this taste you'll soon embrace.

Pork tenderloin in Hunter's sauce

So much work was put in this, just for you to feel the bliss.

Fowl / Poultry

And for those who like to fly, here's a taste of the sky.

Chicken schnitzel

Golden, crunchy tasty chick, this will surely do the trick.

Roasted chicken

Roasted chicken is so nice, this tastes like it's paradise.

Duck breast

Meat so tender and so pink, this is better than you think.

Stuffed turkey roulade

Filled with soul and crazy spice, this turkey roll is just so nice.

Chicken roulade

As you look into its eyes, this is good to hypnotise.


Tender meat that's filled with spice, here's your flavour in a slice.

Roasted beef

Juicy beef is a delight, satisfy your appetite.

Beef fillet steak

Just two words about this beauty, pink and precious like a ruby.


Charred with fire and with heat, it's all here for you to eat.

Marinated pork neck

For this lovely piece of pork, you will only need your fork.

Deboned chicken thigh

It is simply just the best, you will surely be impressed.

Chicken breast

White and tender piece of meat, always makes you feel complete.

Homemade sausages

Tasty pieces of tradition, made in limited edition.

Minced meat rolls

All time favourites of a nation, they are a divine creation.

Lamb chop

And this precious meat with taste, naturally is so praised.

Pastrami with a side of polenta and pickles

Salty and flavour together, you will love this dish forever.


Hard to catch but not to eat, satisfaction guaranteed.

Romanian carp brine with polenta

Here's our version of this carp, taste it and you'll see it's art.

Grilled carp with polenta and garlic

Fresh taste and tender meat, it is one of the elite.

Grilled trout

If you want a tasty trout, there's no need to make a pout.


Even if it's not homegrown, we do treat it like our own.

Side dishes

Contrast of flavor of a match made in Heaven.

Hand cut fries

This crisp and golden tasty bite awaits to be your fun delight.

Parmesan and garlic wedges

We do make a solemn pledge that you'll surely love this wedge.

Boiled and seasoned potatoes

Soft and delicate to eat, it goes great with any meat.

Grilled / Sauteed vegetables

Healthy choices it this menu, available in our venue.

Rice with vegetables

Comfort food for those who wish to remember what they miss.

Mashed potatoes

Soft and creamy, it's so dreamy.

Oven roasted potato wedges with rosemary

Gold and crunchy edges make the tastiest of wedges.


Freshly sliced and diced rainbows.

Summer mixed salad

Crunchy veggies and delicious dressings come together in one plate. Healthy food and tasty choices are yours to make.

White & red cabbage salad

Simple things are just too good, when you treat them as you should. Finely sliced cabbage is turned into the all time favourite.

Selection of Romanian pickles

Incredibly delicious pickles are just perfect for the winter and as a side dish to mostly any Romanian food, or even as a snack.

Diced beetroot with horseradish

Lovely tender bites and flakes of horseradish make the perfect combination for a very refreshing and colourful dish.


Sublime culinary goodnesses.

Delicious cheese doughnuts with sour cream and jam

Simple, yet so tasty. This dessert is made with love, served with a generous amount of sour cream and very sweet jam. Dusted with some icing sugar and voilà! You are not going to want to share this delicious treat.

Cheese pie

One of the sweetest memories you will have of Romania. This pie is probably one of the most famous pies in Romania. Tasty raisins will bring sweetness to this amazing combination. One bite and you're hooked.

Apple pie

Sweet in the middle and crunchy on the exterior, this dessert embodies the perfect balance between simple and the exquisite things in life. Innocent apples are turned into decandent sweets.

Pancakes with homemade jam

Flipped and filled, rolled and served, these poor pancakes don't stand a chance. They will soon be gone but never forgotten. Don't worry. You can always have more.

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