Appreciation in a place of pride

MAHALA Restaurant is the place where hospitality greets you with generosity, and the culinary menus prepared in our own kitchen from quality and carefully selected ingredients are more delicious than at home. Good food, best mood!

The most appreciated restaurant in South London (Croydon district), MAHALA is located 300 meters from the Whitgift Shopping Center (3 minutes on foot). A familiar space of 500 sqm, where the quality of the culinary preparations and services is of utmost importance. Opened in August 2016, MAHALA restaurant is the favorite for families, groups of friends or colleagues, eager to spend quality time and enjoy the most delicious culinary dishes. Customer favourites include: fabulous steaks, generous mixed grill platters, soups and delicious “papanasi”. Our food delivery service operates within a 5-mile radius, between 12 pm-9 pm.

  • Celebrate the Moment

    In the familiar oasis of MAHALA, with a capacity of 120 seats in the restaurant and another 26 on the terrace, we frequently organize memorable parties: baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, name days, bachelor parties, children's parties, family festivities, company events with groups of employees, March 8th celebrations, Easter and Christmas parties, and various celebrations.
  • Culinary Diversity

    Menus for adults and children are available both in the standard version and personalized upon request, according to our guests preferences. The culinary dishes are varied and satisfy even the most demanding tastes from international menus. The chef's specialties, often chosen by those who cross our threshold for the first time, become "love at first taste," and we let you discover them at Mahala Restaurant.
  • Special Offers for Events

    For our dear customers, we always offer a 10% discount for anniversary parties with over 20 guests. Those who choose to organize events during fasting periods or on Friday/Sunday benefit from both discounts and many other considerable benefits, proposed in a special package of freebies.
  • Our Guests, Our Priority

    The promise of good taste awaits you at MAHALA restaurant - the best location for events and daily dining for you, your friends, colleagues, and the entire family!

    We warmly invite you to celebrate together!

    Let's have a great time!

A 5 star Experience

The word TASTY doesn't even begin to comprehend the marvels of the Romanian cuisine. Flavour, texture and soul are the key ingredients each and every course embodies. We bring you the taste you've missed for so long and the one that will soon become your favourite.


    Romanian cuisine is such a diverse mixture of edible art that has stood the test of time. Influenced by the cuisines of our neighbours, our food has developed its own character and brings a unique interpretation of the way we feed our bodies and souls.


    The amazing flavour of the Romanian cuisine comes from the chosen ingredients for their quality and taste, not only for their appearance. Good food is only as good as the ingredients you use, this is why Romanian food is truly a culinary experience.


    Chefs specialized in Romanian cuisine know the secret to a great meal. It is important to master the basics and use what has been known to be appreciated by so many. Their task is to improve what is already close to being perfect.

    Passion translates into taste, technique into perfection.


    Romanians know how to party and have a good time and are known for being an amazing host. And food needs a great environment to be even more pleasurable. So we take pride in offering an even greater experience with perfect music and ambiance to make you feel right at home.

Come Home!

We are waiting for you with great pleasure and lots of goodies.